The Sword of Moses

Sword Canelo narrow



“Rollercoaster crypto-thriller … a ride that thrills and educates … move over Lara Croft!”  DAILY EXPRESS, Editor’s Choice, five stars

“This book burns” THE SQUARE

“A cracking read and unputdownable … exciting … full of derring do and military allusions”  Col. Mike Dewar, PEGASUS MAGAZINE (Parachute regiment journal)

“Swashbuckling .. . breathlessly paced thriller … seamless blending of fact and fiction … had me hooked from start to finish” WRITEDGE

“Without doubt one of the best books of 2013”

“The plot moves so quickly the reader is at times left gasping for breath … combines the daring and resolve of the Hollywood archaeologist with the razor-sharp mental agility of a Conan Doyle super sleuth” ” OXFORD TIMES

“I did not get much sleep … page-turning …  extremely well plotted and very scary” Nancy Bilyeau, author of THE CROWN and THE CHALICE



Dr. Ava Curzon is Lara Croft meets Evelyn Salt – The first real challenger to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon

When former MI6 agent turned archaeologist Dr Ava Curzon is engaged by American intelligence to track down an African militia claiming to hold the Ark of the Covenant, she is plunged into a world where nothing is what it seems.

Her breakneck descent into the shadowy realm of dark biblical magic hurls her across continents and into the opaque worlds of the Knights Templar, freemasons, occultists, and extremist neo-Nazis, pushing her mentally and physically to the limits.

As the plot twists and turns across the centuries, she requires all her skills to solve a trail of ancient clues leading her inexorably towards a terrifying ritual. Taking centre stage, she faces the ultimate battle against an age-old evil she must stop at all costs.


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Das Gottessiegel – Bastei Lubbe – coming out 1 September 2016

Moosese Mõõk – Kunst – published 8 September 2016

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‘Oh my goodness!!!! This book is absolutely fantastic, fanbloodytastic. I could go on and on about how amazing and fantastic and so well written this book is, but I don’t think there would be enough space. I so loved this book for just about everything that was in it. This is going to be in my top ten list of books, it may even come in a number one.’


’One of the best reads ever!’


’High energy throughout. The characters are varied and well developed. It is long, but doesn’t have a boring or bland page in it.’


‘Rollercoaster ride of a read — epic biblical page-turner — super fast paced — breathtaking — a scorcher — must-read — fantastic — wow — action-packed — gripping read — blinder — superb — better than the Da Vinci Code — dramatic — compelling and utterly entertaining — factual content is second to none — hooked — couldn’t put it down — riveting — insightful — vividly rich — never loses pace — Ava could give Lara Croft a real run for her money — ingeniously crafted — a gem of a read — couldn’t do my housework as I had to find out what happened — fab —  astonishingly detailed — thumping good read — loved it — rattling good read — brilliant central character — a climax that I know Dan Brown will wish he’d written — I missed my tube stop by two stations thanks to Dominic Selwood’s brilliant story telling — Dan Brown eat your heart out!  This is how this sort of book should be written.’



Dan Brown eat your heart out!


‘I missed my tube stop by two stations thanks to Dominic Selwood’s brilliant story telling’


‘If you like Dan Brown, but are longing for a bit more gritty action, you are going to love this.’


‘You won’t be able to put it down’


A thinking person’s Da Vinci Code. ’


‘It hits the ground running, and doesn’t let up. Historical facts, terrorists, black magic, undercover agents – it’s got it all.’


‘If like me, you are fed up of Dan Brown, then you need to read this – this is how this sort of book should be written.’


‘ was pleased that this took me a few days to finish, constantly testing me and the characters with puzzles, interesting arcane facts and twists that you genuinely didn’t see coming. ’


‘ I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a fast paced and packed thriller with well written and believable characters that will challenge them, make them think and, whilst entertaining them thoroughly, educate the a little at the same time.’