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April; 2018
Spies Sadists Sorcerers is released in Chinese Translation in Taiwan by China Times Publishing Ltd

18 Oct 2018
Punctuation Without Tears hits Amazon #1 spot for Composition and Creative Writing for Young Adults

28 August 2018
LA SPADE SEGRETA DEL TEMPLARE is released in Italy in hardback and e-book by Newton Comptori

12 July 2018
PUNCTUATION WITHOUT TEARS released in paperback and e-book

22 February 2018
THE SWORD OF MOSES released on audiobook by Audible

1 September 2017
DAS GOTTESSIEGEL is released in Germany by Bastei Luebbe

Renmin-University-of-China-logo_314 April 2017
Delighted to announce that Chinese rights to SPIES, SADISTS AND SORCERERS have sold Renmin University of China Press.

BL217 February 2017
Bastei Lübbe release cover of DAS GOTTESSIEGEL
(German edition of THE SWORD OF MOSES)


11 February 2017
THE APOCALYPSE FIRE hits #1 in 6 Amazon categories in the UK and USA


12 November 2016
AMA on Reddit

netgalley-public-md25 November
THE APOCALYPSE FIRE is now available for reviewers on NetGalley

reddit12 November 2016
AMA on Reddit

Ano!Trans1 October 2016
SPIES, SADISTS AND SORCERERS is now #1 in Kindle/Nonfiction, #1 in Books/History and #14 in the Kindle store

Kunst6 September 2016
MOOSESE MÕÕK, published by Kunst
Estonian translation of THE SWORD OF MOSES

BL24 July 2016
THE SWORD OF MOSES. Delighted to announce that German rights have sold to Bastei Lübbe.

NCE_biglogo4 July 2016
THE SWORD OF MOSES. Delighted to announce that Italian rights have sold to Newton Compton Editori.

Ano!Trans24 June 2016
SPIES, SADISTS AND SORCERERS is now Amazon #1 bestseller on Kindle/History and a umber of subcategories, and also a Barnes & Noble bestseller !!!


6 June 2019, 2.30 pm
‘Who Owns Antiquities? The Parthenon Sculptures and other Causes Celèbres’
The Wallace Collection (The Art Fund)

8 March 2019
Owning the Past. Lord Elgin, the Parthenon Sculptures, and the Morality of Antiquities’
Winchester College, Classics Society

3 March 2019, 11.00 am
Chair: ‘Into the Lions Den? The Normans, the Plantagenets, and the Jews’
Panel with Claudia Gold, Nick Barratt and Nick Vincent

12 November 2018
The Author School
2-45 pm

23 October 2018
UCL Debating Society
‘This House believes the Parthenon Marbles should be repatriated’
7.00 pm 

10 October 2018
The Bayeux Tapestry — The Art of Military Propaganda
‘Studium’ Day

27 September 2018
In conversation with Claudia Gold about King Henry II
Daunt Books (Hampstead)
6.30 pm

29 July 2017
The Knights Templar in Ireland
West Cork History Festival, Skibbereen, West Cork
For audio stream click here

Wadham-College (21 March 2017
Wadham College, Oxford.  Circles Debate. “The Parthenon Marbles: London or Athens?”
British Museum
The topic will be ‘The Parthenon Marbles: London or Athens?’ and the debate will be chaired by Peter Thonemann (Forrest-Derow Fellow and Tutor in Ancient History at Wadham). The panel will be: Professor Edith Hall (King’s College London: Wadham 1978), Professor Paul Cartledge (University of Cambridge), Tiffany Jenkins (author, Keeping Their Marbles), Dominic Selwood (barrister, journalist and historian).
*** We won!!! Overwhelming majority in favour of retaining the Parthenon Sculptures in the British Museum ***

BritMus1 July 2016
200 Years of the Elgin Collection
British Museum | Special Event
2016 marks the 200th anniversary of the British Museum’s acquisition of the Elgin collection. The collection included many important antiquities, but of course the sculptures from the Parthenon immediately became a major focus within the Museum’s galleries. Successive arrangements and reinterpretations of these sculptures have sought to display them as art, as architecture, and as part of a greater assemblage of world cultures. A panel of experts will review this history and assess the impact of the Elgin collection on taste, art and politics over 200 years. Chaired by Curator Ian Jenkins, British Museum, panellists include David Bindman, Emeritus Professor of the History of Art at UCL, Athena Leoussi, Associate Professor in European History at the University of Reading, and author and historian Dominic Selwood. Introduced by Lesley Fitton, Keeper of the Department of Greece and Rome, British Museum.

2hamhighlitfest2012-199x30015 November 2016
Plantagenets vs Tudors
Hampstead and Highgate Literary Festival
I shall be debating in favour of the Plantagenets along with Marc Morris against C Bolland and Pamela Hartshorne. David Horspool (chair)
*** We won!!! Plantagenets rule***

BritMus26 June 2016
Classicism and Nationalism: the Greek body in Enlightenment Europe

British Museum | Special Event
This discussion will reflect on the rediscovery of classical Greek art in the 18th century and how this influenced both the cultural and political landscape of Western Europe. Features Matthew Bell, King’s College London, Katherine Harloe, University of Reading, Athena Leoussi, University of Reading, and author and historian Dominic Selwood.

kcl-logo28 March 2015
The Magna Carta: Birth of Democracy or Historical Fantasy?’

King’s College London
Attention all history nerds and liberty lovers this year is the 800th anniversary of Magna Carta and Liberty League’s Freedom Forum has got you covered! Join us this March for our panel ‘Magna Carta: Historical Fantasy or The Beginnings of Democracy?’ featuring The Telegraph’s Dominic Selwood amongst others! Tickets for Freedom Forum are going fast and can be purchased here:…
For more general info go here: See you at the bar.

Winchester_arms12 May 2015
“The End of Medieval Europe. 1450-1500”

Winchester College

Winchester_arms5 March 2015
“The Crusades 1095-1291: Christian and Muslim Perspectives. Then and Now.”
Winchester College

LO_KukriGB_Universities_Exeter22 October 2014
“The Earliest Templars and Hospitallers in the Holy Land: A Common Origin?”

Exeter University | Centre for Medieval Studies | Research Seminar