The Apocalypse Fire

Dr Ava Curzon is Lara Croft meets Evelyn Salt – The first real challenger to Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon


‘Imagine the best of James Bond and The Da Vinci Code rolled into one. and that is what you get with this book’

‘No frills … taut and tight … the story moves with the pace and grace of a Hollywood screenplay’


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Dr Ava Curzon returns in the breathtaking sequel to bestselling thriller, The Sword of Moses

When the Turin Shroud is stolen in a violent assault, archaeologist and former spy Dr Ava Curzon is plunged into a desperate struggle against the leader of an apocalyptic Russian cult. Recruited by the UK’s clandestine MI13 intelligence agency – and aided by the Vatican’s security division and her former colleague, Ferguson – Ava is sucked into a world of dark extremism and Biblical secrets.

As the chase catapults her from London to the Vatican, Paris and Jerusalem, she must unravel the mysteries of an ancient icon belonging to the shadowy Order of Malta. With time running out, and military violence in the Middle East the price of failure, the world stands on the brink…

This crypto-thriller from the masterful Dominic Selwood will keep you gripped until the very end.

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