Sculpture Victorious

A review of Tate Britain's SCULPTURE VICTORIOUS exhibition celebrating the powerful, beautiful, and inventive sculpture of the Victorian era.   When Parliament formally resumes on 27 Ma [...]

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The Knights Templar 4: St Bernard of Clairvaux

The last blog ended in the 1120s, with the newly formed Templars in Jerusalem starting to feel uneasy with the idea of monks spilling blood. Although King Baldwin ii and Patriarch Warmund of Jerusa [...]

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The Knights Templar 3: Birth of the Order

The Knights Templar shook the known world. Everything about them was radical. This blog will look at their origins. INTRODUCTION   In 1982, one of the earliest Templar ‘consp [...]

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The Knights Templars 2: Sergeants, Women, Chaplains, Affiliates

The knights, sergeants, and chaplains of the Order were its inner group of brothers: the familia. The affiliates and paid staff were a more loosely connected group: the societas. Together, they [...]

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The Knights Templar 1: the Knights

INTRODUCTION A new knighthood has arisen, of a type never before heard of on earth ... this is happening in Jerusalem, and the whole world shakes. St Bernard of Clairvaux [1] St Bernard, abbot of [...]

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Dr John Dee – Mathematician, Scientist, Magus, and Conjuror

In The Sword of Moses, Malchus is obsessed with the enigmatic figure of Dr John Dee (1527–1609). Dee was born in Tudor London to a Welsh father and English mother during the reign of King Henry vii [...]

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