Book-related interviews


Interview with Claire Cavanagh of BBC Radio Bristol
9 November 2016
Discussing: The Apocalypse Fire – female action heroes – thrillers – history – Tudor history – Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall – plots – trilogies – criminal law – heavy metal


Not an interviews, but an ‘author guided tour’ in which I talk about a research trip to a Crusader castle
After a roadside snack of warm pitta bread, fresh tahini, and fire-cooked shaftalia sausage, I headed for the armed border guards. A number of people had told me that now was not a good time to do this. But I wanted to write a scene set on the other side of the checkpoint, and I like to visit the places in my books.


Interview with Nick Piercey of BBC Radio Oxford
1 October 2016


Interview With Historian & Novelist Dominic Selwood
Oct 2016
‘I grew up listening to a lot of 1980s heavy metal music and watching horror films. So I had some sense of where I wanted to go with the black magic angle to the story, but I did need to put in quite a lot of time reading about it all. However, I find that the research is often just as much fun as the writing, and it’s great to have an excuse to go off and become really immersed in all sorts of really oddball subjects!’


Dominic Selwood – Featured Author
Feb 2016
‘I’ve also got [on my nightstand] Jorge Luis Borges’s Collected Fictions (1999), which is perhaps the one book I’d save if I had to give all the others away. He’s a genius. He doesn’t write history or thrillers. But, to me, ever since I was a teenager, he has been the most exciting writer I have ever read.’


Dominic Selwood – Author Interview (by Candice Locklee)
22 April 2015
‘ I first came across the crusades when living in Cyprus, as we often used to visit Kolossi Castle, which was owned by both the Templars and Hospitallers (at different times). It smelled wonderful: of hot air, warm stone, mimosa, and sweet grapes. I quickly fell in love with it, and have been fascinated by the crusaders ever since. Who were they? What were they doing so many miles from home? What must life have been like for them?’


Templars, Freemasons And The Ark Of The Covenant With Dominic Selwood
18 March 2015
‘ I wrote the book I most wanted to read. I conceived of ‘The Sword of Moses’ as a fast action thriller with lots of brainteasers. The limitation I find with many male protagonists in this genre — like James Bond or Indiana Jones — is that they shoot first and, if you are lucky, ask a question later. I wanted my lead character to unravel the codes and puzzles intellectually rather than bludgeon the answers out of someone. There is also a family story mixed up in the plot, and I wanted the emotional unstoppability of a strong woman seeing a job through.’


Dominic Selwood: Turning History Into Thrills
25 August 2014
‘I’ve always been obsessed with the past, and that fuels all my writing. I have to know exactly what things were like, what caused them, and how people felt about it all — whether it’s the rise of Christianity in pagan Rome or the first deployment of chemical nerve agents in World War I. I love the fact my history writing and my fiction are both detective work into the past. The research needed for both is very similar — finding topics that fascinate me then working them into something fun (hopefully!) to read …’