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‘On This Day’


[354 BC] On this day: an ancient Athenian performer invents the theatre as we know it (23 November)

[49 BC] On this day in 49 BC: Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon (10 January)

[9] On this day: Roman emperor Vespasian, inventor of pay-per-use public toilets, is born (17 November)

[41] On this day in AD 41: Emperor Caligula, the incestuous madman, is assassinated by his Praetorian Guard (24 January)

[250] On This Day in AD 250: The first empire-wide persecution of Christians claims the life of the Pope (20 January)

[395] On this day in AD 395: The Roman Empire is forever cloven in two (17 January)

MEDIEVAL (476 to 1485)

[516] 1,500 years ago – King Arthur’s epic battle (30 December)

[532] On this day in AD 532: The Nika riots sweep across Constantinople (11 January)

[655] On this day: Britain’s last great pagan king is struck down by Christians at the Battle of the Winwaed (15 November)

[747] On this day in AD 747: The Umayyad Caliphate, which ruled from Cordoba to Baghdad, is overthrown (25 January)

[1016] On this day in 1016: Canute the Great – Viking king of England, Denmark and Norway – is crowned in London (6 January)

[1095] On this day: Pope Urban II launches the First Crusade, sparking flames which still burn today (18 November)

[1102]On this day in 1102: Empress Matilda – fearsome fighter, wife and mother – was born (7 February)

[1120] On this day in 1120: The Knights Templar order of warrior monks is formed (16 January)

[1154] On this day: one of medieval England’s greatest rulers, King Henry II, was crowned (19 December)

[1155] On this day in 1155: Henry the Young King, who was crowned but never reigned, is born (28 February)

[1177] On this day: Crusader forces under the leper king Baldwin IV crush Saladin at Montgisard (25 November)

[1215] On this day: priests were banned from trying people by fire – paving the way for modern juries (11 November)

[1216] On this day in 1216: the Dominican Order is approved by the Pope (22 December)

[1250] On this day in 1250: the violent death of William II Longespée, one of England’s more unfortunate crusaders (8 February)

[1256] On this day in 1256: the Mongol horde crushes the legendary Assassins (15 December)

[1302] On this day in 1302: Dante Alighieri goes into exile, prompting a melancholy that ends in him writing the Divine Comedy (27 January)

[1355] On this day in 1355: University fracas ends with 93 dead and the birth of a 600-year-long tradition (10 February)

[1413] On this day: Philip IV, one of Europe’s greatest villains, finally gets what he deserves (29 November)

[1324] On this day in 1324: Marco Polo, the great Venetian traveller, dies (9 January)

[1400] On this day in 1400: The deposed Richard II conveniently dies, leaving Henry IV unchallenged

[1408] On this day: the order which gave Count Dracula his name was founded (12 December)

[1468] On this day in 1468: Gutenberg, inventor of the revolutionary printing press, dies (3 February)

[1485] On this day: two deluded inquisitors lit the first flames of Europe’s tragic witchcraft hysteria (5 december)

TUDORS AND STUARTS (1485 to 1714)

[1492] On this day in 1492: The end of Moorish Spain and Islamic rule in mainland Europe (2 January)

[1542] On this day in 1542: Henry VIII’s 18-year-old wife, Katherine Howard, is beheaded (13 February)

[1542] On this day: Mary Stuart becomes Queen of Scots at six days old (14 December)

[1552] On this day in 1552: Sir Edward Coke – champion of the Common Law, Parliament, and representative government – was born (! February)

[1582] On this day in 1582: Pope Gregory XIII announces the new Gregorian calendar (24 february)

[1600] On this day in 1600: Giordano Bruno is burnt alive for his science, 42 years before Galileo (17 February)

[1606] On this day in 1606: Guy Fawkes, treasonous plotter, is executed in Westminster (31 January)

[1648] On this day: Pride’s Purge of Parliament paves the way for the trial of Charles I (6 december)

[1688] On this day in 1688: James II goes into exile, leaving Parliament supreme (23 December)

[1692] On this day in 1692: The Salem witch trials begin with a wave of hysteria (1 March)


[1718] On this day: Blackbeard’s last stand (22 November)

[1739] On this day in 1739: Highwayman Dick Turpin is identified by an old teacher, his path to the noose guaranteed (23 February)

[1775] On this day: Jane Austen was born (16 December)

[1788] On this day in 1788: The First Fleet reaches Australia and founds a nation (18 January)

[1797] On this day in 1797: A French invasion of Wales ends in wine-addled surrender (22 February)

[1804] On this day: Napoleon crowned himself emperor in Notre Dame (2 December)

[1819] On this day in 1819: To supplant the Dutch, Britain founds a new Malacca Strait base – Singapore (6 February)

[1847] On this day in 1847: Samuel Colt finalises the design for his legendary Colt Walker handgun (4 January)

[1854] On this day: Pope Pius IX issues the first infallible pronouncement of the modern era (* December)

[1868] On this day in 1868: Japan overthrows its last shogun and enters the modern era full steam ahead (3 January)

[1879] On this day in 1879: The Battle of Rorke’s Drift, immortalised in the film Zulu, is fought (23 January)

[1881] On this day in 1881: Fyodor Dostoyevsky – profound novelist, philosopher and scholar of tortured psyches – dies (9 February)

[1885] On this day in 1885: General Charles Gordon dies with his men in the bloody Siege of Khartoum (26 January)

[1893] On this day in 1893: Hermann Goering, Adolf Hitler’s right hand man, is born (12 January)

1900 to 1945

[1904] On this day: a Briton invented the electronic component that powers all modern music (16 November)

[1915] On this day in 1915: German zeppelins begin the first ever bombing raid on Britain (19 January)

[1916] On this day in 1916: the savage slaughter of the Battle of Verdun begin (21 February)

[1917] On this day: the Bolsheviks seize power in the Russian October Revolution (7 November)

[1917] On this day: Edmund Allenby captures Jerusalem, ending 730 years of Muslim rule (9 December)

[1917] On this day: the Soviet Union founds the CHEKA, their dreaded secret police force (20 December)

[1919] On this day in 1919: The Nazi Party is founded by Anton Drexler (while Adolf Hitler is sent to spy on it) (5 January)

[1922] On this day: Howard Carter unlocks the tomb of Tutankhamun (4 November)

[1923] On this day: Adolf Hitler makes his first grab for power in the Beer Hall Putsch (9 November)

[1933] On this day in 1933: Congress strikes the first blow in the fight to kill Prohibition (20 February)

[1833] On this day in 1933: a fire at the Reichstag lets Adolf Hitler seize absolute power (27 February)

[1939] On this day: the German warship Graf Spee meets its end in the Battle of the River Plate (13 December)

[1940] On this day in 1940: The Royal Navy makes its last ever boarding action during the Altmark Incident (16 February)

[1941] On this day in 1941: The Japanese Navy attacks Pearl Harbor, bringing the USA into the Second World War (7 December)

[1942] On this day: Germany invades Vichy France (10 November)

[1943] On this day in 1943: The brutal Battle of Stalingrad convulsed to a dramatic close (2 February)

1945 to PRESENT

[1953] On this day: Piltdown Man (21 November)

[1963] On this day: Lee Harvey Oswald’s murder was broadcast live on TV (24 November)

[1968] On this day in 1968: Johnny Cash performs at Folsom Prison and cements his legend (13 January)

[1971] On this day in 1971: Decimal Day heralds the end of the “bob” and “tanner” (15 February)

[1972] On this day: Paris’ notorious guillotine claims its final victim (28 November)

[1988] On this day: A bomb brings PanAm Flight 103 down over Lockerbie, killing 270 people (21 December)

[1990] On this day: The world decided to stop Saddam Hussein’s forces marauding around Kuwait )29 November)

[1995] On this day: Operation Desert Storm ends (30 November)


On this day: A most violent date throughout history claims the life of many a leader (30 January)



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